Loyalty points and reload bonuses at online casinos

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Casino operators have to be creative if they want to retain their players long term. Who pays only once, play something and then goes back, is in the long run not watchable users. Players can be encouraged in various ways to permanently play. Two ideas which are loyalty points and reload bonuses.

Online Casino Loyalty Points

They are also known as cashback or loyalty program. Loyalty points players collect every time. There is a pre-committed relationship. Almost all casinos use this method of 10 Euro insert for a point. With 100 points can then be converted to a Euro. This results in a turnover of 1,000 euros in order to recover a measly euros. Anything but worthwhile and therefore not really interesting or?

On the cashback in the online casino you should stiffen Never. It’s really interesting just for high rollers and players with long-lasting winning streak. Who once just 50 Euros pays for playing, will not have much of the loyalty points. Since there is with the cashback programs of poker room for more. It is and remains a small treat for hardworking player.
Reload bonuses in the online casino

Lucrative appear here then already the reload bonuses of providers. They are available to all players who have already paid. For many they are now an integral part, earlier they were even issued individually to the players. So the player can, for example. Even get a reload bonus per week or month by makes another deposit. Additional bankroll can never hurt if the conditions are right.

Also on the reload bonuses specifications are established. The most important rule here is the minimum turnover. The 20-30fache the bonus money is still feasible, anything beyond strong luck. Especially when deposit and bonus amount will be added together. It makes a big difference whether I get, for example, 2,000 or 4,000 euros as a preset. Read the fine print and decide what is realistic and what you prefer to keep distance.

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