Online Casino Scam: A warning to all players

October 23, 2019 by No Comments

The number of forums posts on the internet is increasing, where players complain about the fact that having asked for payment and were refused the money. In most cases, the efforts are to make storm in vain, because the operators have the controls. We would like to give some tips that you should take to heart every time you log in an online casino.

Notoriety, evidence & Co

Online casinos are subject to strong competitive pressure. To arrive to the established platforms, larger bonuses are always available and made other promises. Whether these then can ever be converted into cash, is another piece of paper. The main thing many players sign up and pay a. But how can you protect yourself from online scams Casino?

If you look closely once who always finds the same evidence. Visually see all pages of very appealing and glamorous. But what about the license? By the end of the page has a reputable online casino from his license. These should be issued as possible on European soil. If no casino license to be found, it’s hands off!

Also, the level of awareness is an important indication of how fair a provider actually plays. If the online casino of choice already tested somewhere? What about with screenshots of payments? The more information available, the better the picture of the provider. Several sources with similar opinions are important because sometimes the competition is on the way and spreading false information.

Ignored Bonus Rules

Another reason why it never comes to a payout, but comes first and is the fault of the players themselves. Cannot read the bonus rules. The bonus money is actually free, but not paid. A certain sales is always required and not all games will be credited to 100% for it.

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