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Card Counting Secrets Scam? What The Program Is About

    Card Counting Secrets is among many methods available on the web today for that wagerer to beat blackjack. So in stating that, it’s different than a few of the others available? And if it’s, what sets it apart? Within this Card Counting Secrets Scam review I am going to discuss everything I understand concerning the program to help in making better decision relating to this product.

    Allow me to begin by stating that I do not believe that Card Counting Secrets is really a scam by any means, and it is the best way of counting cards I have ever encounter. I have been gambling professionally for more than 5 years now and that i did learn how to count cards around 4 years ago, nevertheless the original method I learned was a lot more difficult and required me literally several weeks to understand.

    Card Counting Secrets is essentially a technique devised by several Durch graduates who wanted to produce a approach to card counting that anybody of average intelligence could learn. Their story was lately immortalized around the big screen within the hit movie 21, that you simply might or might not have previously seen.

    Previous ways of card counting needed a student to possess a huge understanding of blackjack, an excellent memory far more of dedication to be able to succeed. With Card Counting Secrets however, the typical Joe can learn to count cards with simply a couple of days committed to the recording training that comprise the finest thing about this method.

    While previous ways of counting cards have needed the wagerer to keep in mind just about any card within the deck, Card Counting Secrets functions by getting a student remember just the very critical high cards — Ace, King, Queen, Jack and ten — to be able to gain the benefit card counting can provide. This is done by an approach to memory ‘anchoring’ that is trained within this learning system.

    So far as card counting methods go, this is definitely the fastest and simplest way I understand for that wagerer to understand to count cards and beat the casino. Although it will not use internet casinos meaning you will need to venture from home for doing things, consider that like a benefit just as real-world casino gambling is much more fun than clicking your mouse sitting in your own home.

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