Understanding more about odds matcher

    You are assured to tjene penger hjemmefra once you embrace the odd matcher. It is a great search tool which will find for you the best matched betting opportunities that you are looking for. It compares the odds on the bookmaker website to the ones for the same market for about four betting exchanges, being able to identify the best way of extracting maximum value form the free bet offers in the shortest time possible.

    What does it do?

    • It saves effort and time by being able to find the best bets for the match.
    • Odds and the exchange liabilities updated faster, in real time as compared to manual search
    • Ratings identify the high quality matches for a qualifying bet and the best to use the free bets
    • Filters are able to allow you in searching by exchange, bookmakers, betting market, sports and more
    • Linked matched betting calculator is able to work out the ideal lay stakes for the exchange.
    • The odds matcher is tools which are invaluable for experienced and new matched bettors alike and the filters which offer the flexibility to be tailored to the bonuses reloaded and money back offers which are able to allow you to continue to earn monthly.
    • Exchanges and odds liquidity update that are done in real time and thus no need of having to constantly hit the refresh button. Because the odds and the money available on the betting exchanges are changing constantly you will be glad to know you have up to date information and thus no need to refresh the data manually.
    • Ratings are able to identify the best matches. The settings on the default rank the bets depending on the qualifying loss. The opportunity for arbing arise with the values over 100% but the matched bettors are going to look for the value which tends to be closer yet less than 100%
      Vala Maxy

      The author Vala Maxy